Presented by Peninsula AC Junior Crew

In NorCal, we have 15 teams. 8 big teams and 7 small teams. Big teams are qualified as teams that have at least 1-2 8+'s  of each squad (NM, NW, VW, VM). Instead of having the small teams jump in when they can, let's have a real round-robin schedule where both big and small teams know where they are and should be each weekend.

Big: Marin-A, Berkeley-B, RCRC-C, LGRC-D, Capital-E, Pacific-F, SI-G, OS-H
Small: North Bay-a, Stockton-b, Peninsula-c, Silicon Valley-d, BIAC-e,Palo Alto-f, Serra-g

My initial proposal is as follows:

Letters A-H are Big teams
Letters a-g are Small teams

Week 1: ABCdef     Marin/BHS/RCRC/SVC/BIAC/PA

             DEFg          LG/Cap/PRC/Serra
             GHabc        SI/OS/NB/Stock/Peninsula

Week 2: ADGbe     Marin/LG/SI/Stock/BIAC
              BEHcf       BHS/Cap/OS/Penin/PA
              CFadg       RCRC/PRC/NB/SVC/Serra

Week 3: AEbfg       Marin/Cap/Stock/PA/Serra
              BFGcd       BHS/PRC/SI/Penin/SVC                  
              CHDae      RCRC/OS/LG/NB/BIAC   

Week 4: AFHbd     Marin/PRC/OS/Stock/SVC
              BDceg       BHS/LG/Penin/BIAC/Serra
              CEGaf       RCRC/Cap/SI/NB/PA

The one problem of course is that not all teams have the ability to row 6 teams across if it comes to that. I think the only people that can are: Marin, PRC, SI, CAP, OS, BHS and LG (not sure about River City). This gives everyone a chance to see each other. The big teams get the see the small teams. This might allow the big teams to put out some small boats that they might not otherwise be able to race, like some sculling boats against North Bay. All small teams see themselves and the big teams. This did not happen in Spring 2003

Keep in mind that some small teams may not want to race all the race weekends. What I was trying to do is put a schedule together that can be used years from now when some small teams might get larger and other small teams are added.

Comments are appreciated. Thanks. Monica